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Since 2012, the SSEC has collaborated with Information Age Publishing, Inc. to publish volumes based on papers given at the organization’s annual conferences.  Information Age Publishing, Inc is located in Charlotte, North Carolina; its website is   We urge you to make contact with Information Age Publishing to order these cutting-edge volumes. 

From the SSEC international conference in Monteverde, Costa Rica, in 2012:  Sustainability, Growth, and Globalization:  A Social Science Perspective, James E. Davis and Richard A. Diem Editors

From the SSEC international conference in Berlin, Germany, in 2016:  Mending Walls:  Historical, Socio-Politico, Economic, and Geographical Perspectives, Richard A. Diem and Michael J. Berson, Editors

From the SSEC annual conference in Salem, Massachusetts, in 2017 (forthcoming):  Democracy’s Discontent and Civic Learning: Multiple Perspectives, Charles S. White, Editor

Revised Social Studies Methods Book is very pleased to announce the publication of the first digital edition of Teaching the Social Sciences and History in Secondary Schools:  A Methods Book.  Formerly published by Social Science Education Consortium through Waveland Press (2000) and Wadsworth/Thomson/ITP (1996) the new digital edition has been comprehensively updated.

Request your free instructor examination copy of this new digital textbook at website ( or by sending an email request to

In addition to having its content comprehensively updated, each chapter now includes active web links to a wide variety of Internet-based social studies teaching resources. The text is sold as an instant PDF download and priced at only $25 dollars.

Irving Morrissett, ed.  Concepts and Structure in the New Social Science Curricula, (3.00 MB), 1967.  This is a seminal volume in social science education, and it was one of the first descriptions of the New Social Studies.  The preface and Chapter 1 are included here. 

Kenneth Boulding, Toward the Year 2000 (2.52 MB), 1971.  Boulding was a giant in economics and systems thinking.  He was a frequent contributor to SSEC publications. 

Lee F. Anderson, Schools as Travel Agencies:  Helping People to Move Up, Down, and Sideways in Human Culture(3.76 MB), 1977.  Lee Anderson was one of the most creative thinkers in our field.  As a political scientist, Lee willingly shared his knowledge and good humor with all of us.   

Walter Parker and John Jarolimek, Citizenship and the Critical Role of the Social Studies (8.16 MB), 1984.  This volume by two very thoughtful thinkers in our field is still worthy of study.

Laurel R. Singleton, C is for Citizenship: Children's Literature and Civic Understanding (9.53 MB), 1997. C is for Citizenship is one of a series of volumes written by former Associate Director of SSEC, Laurel Singleton.  The volume cites important literature and links it to classroom activities.

The Public Issues Series
The Public Issues Series was originally conceived by the Harvard Social Studies project in the 1960s and 1970s.  The purpose of the series was to help students analyze and discuss persisting human dilemmas related to public issues. In the late 1980s, the SSEC published the series.  Two booklets in the series, with accompanying teacher guides, are included here. 

American Revolution: Crisis of Law and Change
          Student Book PDF (3.80 MB) No Teacher's Guide available

The Civil War: Slavery and the Crisis of Union
          Student Book PDF (3.91 MB) No Teacher's Guide available

Immigration:  Pluralism and National Identity
          Student Book PDF (8.43 MB)
Teacher's Guide PDF (2.43 MB)

The Progressive Era:  The Limits of Reform
          Student Book PDF (8.25 MB)
          Teacher's Guide PDF (1.65 MB)

Science and Public Policy: uses and Control of Knowledge
          Student Book PDF (3.58 MB) No Teacher's Guide available

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